ADB IHE Delft Knowledge Partnership
Asian Development Bank - IHE Delft

About the Partnership

ADB will filter the demand for experts and services from ADB member countries and put forward specific requests to IHE Delft. IHE Delft will act as a broker, tapping from the pool of experts within IHE Delft's global knowledge network, including institutes and companies active in the water sector. IHE Delft advertises these requests for experts on a regular basis in the NWP Newsletter and on this webpage. The partnership is depicted below.

Apart from requests from ADB DMC's, Dutch parties are also invited to suggest specific (supply driven) activities in support of DMC's. Those activities should fit well within the scope of the agreement.

Elaboration of the scope of the agreement

The fund can be used by DMC's to seek experts for the following activities:

  • Project preparation and implementation
  • Operational research and joint studies, e.g. by making use of M.Sc and PhD research students
  • Peer review of complex projects
  • Promoting networking among clients and Knowledge hubs
  • Contribution to ADB related sessions in workshops, seminars and forums
  • Education, training and other capacity building activities to refresh the knowledge of DMC staff, including knowledge sharing activities with ADB staff
  • Specific support to country Water Assessments, Future of Water in Asia study, Asian Water Info System, etc.

The priority themes of the partnership are:

  • Government-Corporate-Society partnerships
  • Corporatization of utilities
  • Partnerships with knowledge centers
  • Water and climate change
  • Water and food security
  • Water, environment, and ecosystems
  • Sanitation and wastewater management
  • Water governance