ADB IHE Delft Knowledge Partnership
Asian Development Bank - IHE Delft

Supporting National Water Legislation in South Asia and Southeast Asia

In October 2012, the first Asia-Netherlands Water Learning Week took place at the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education (IHE Delft) in Delft, The Netherlands under the auspices of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) - IHE Delft Partnership Fund.

Following that conference requests for technical assistance were made by Bangladesh, Bhutan, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Vietnam. These requests are for legal support for water legislation that varies for each country and covers in essence assistance with: harmonizing existing implementing regulations; preparing draft regulations and draft legislation; and reviewing and modernizing water legislation.

The project is divided into two stages for each country. The first stage is the assessment phase, in which there is a fact-finding country mission to discuss in an interactive manner with relevant stakeholders the legal framework for water resources management and the best approach to support that framework. The second stage is a report, which describes possible activities to provide the assistance. Once all the missions have been carried out, proposals for activities in each country will be submitted to ADB for funding approval.

The fact-finding missions are being carried out throughout 2013 by the project team, composed of Ms Zaki Shubber and Mr Bart Teeuwen: so far they have been to Indonesia, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Vietnam. They will be travelling to Myanmar before the end of the year.