ADB IHE Delft Knowledge Partnership
Asian Development Bank - IHE Delft

Capacity Building for Chao Lake Management Authority

In August 2012 IHE Delft commissioned Deltares and Haarlem Hydraulics to provide capacity building and training for the Chao Lake Management Authority in Anhui province, PR of China. In addition to the international specialists two domestic consultants participated in the project, one from the China Academy of Environmental Planning, and one from Tai Lake Basin Management Authority. The project was commissioned under the ADB and IHE Delft knowledge partnership program, and connected with the PRC/Anhui Chao Lake Environmental Rehabilitation Project. This project consisted of a PPTA project for analysis and assessment of proposed project components, and a projected loan from ADB of 250 million US$.

The first mission for the capacity building project was executed in October 2012. This mission covered a needs assessment and an identification of key training areas. The second mission (January 2013) focused on the actual training for Integrated Water Resources and Lake Management, including water governance, integrated water resources, lake basin management, water quality monitoring and management, and urban water supply and sanitation. The third mission (October 2013) consisted of practical exercises and training on river/lake basin simulation (water balances) for water quantity and quality, and hands-on training/analysis on non-point source pollution issues.
In the second and third mission, as well as in between, much attention was paid to an institutional analysis and assessment of CLMA’s institutional setting and position within the existing institutional framework within the water sector in Anhui province. An institutional assessment report was prepared, and recommendations were submitted regarding the tasks and responsibilities of CLMA with respect to Chao lake management. The recommendations were presented to CLMA and related stakeholders in an institutional workshop in ChaoHu city in October 2013.
Finally, two study-tours were executed within the framework of the project. A delegation of CLMA and related parties took place in the second Asia-Netherlands Water Learning week in Delft (June 2013). In October/November 2013 a delegation went for domestic exchange visits to the Tai Lake Basin Management Authority, the Dianchi Lake Management Bureau (Yunnan), and to the Gansu Urban Infrastructure Development and Wetland Protection project.