ADB IHE Delft Knowledge Partnership
Asian Development Bank - IHE Delft

Open Calls

Closed calls

  • Call for a Climate Change Specialist/Hydrologist and an Integrated Flood Management Specialist in Nepal
  • Call for a Remote Sensing Expert for Strategic Management of Peatlands in Mongolia
  • Call for three international experts for Irrigation Planning and Software Upgrade in Indonesia
  • Call for an international expert to support the Implementation and Development of a Public-Private Funding Mechanism in China
  • Call for three international experts to support the Preparation of the Karamay Dryland Agro-Forestry Project in China
  • Call for a Water Supply and Municipal Services Specialist for Timor-Leste
  • Call for a Dredging Spoil Management Specialist for Vietnam
  • Call for an Urban Environmental Infrastructure Expert
  • Call for participation in the 3rd Asia-Netherlands Water Learning Week
  • Call for participation in the 2nd Asia-Netherlands Water Learning Week
  • International expert requested for an ADB project titled: 'Preparation of a Knowledge Product on Managing Urban Floods'.
  • Expert Request for a project titled: 'Study of the Chandragiri Buried Valley ground water aquifer sustainable yield and Water Supply Development feasibility, Nepal (Katmandu)'. - International Water Supply Specialist
  • Request for 2 international Specialists for an ADB funded project titled 'Capacity Building for Chao Lake Management Authority (CLMA), China'